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1,000 families create a "FUN" song

Kimberly-Clark FUN program
Kimberly-Clark FUN program

Does your family have a custom song and ringtone? You can create one quickly and easily compliments of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation via their new Celebrate Family UNity ("FUN") program. Lizette Williams, Head of Kimberly-Clark’s Multicultural Strategy Team and Program Lead told the Examiner the program hit the 1,000 songs made mark today.

Now through July 20, people can visit to create their own FUN song in English or Spanish by answering a couple simple questions about their family and selecting a hip-hop, rock or Latin beat. The web app instantly composes a custom MP3 song about them to their selected choice of music. Once you have created your own song, you can download it, upload it, share it and play with it! The project is a collaboration between Kimberly-Clark and Grammy-nominated singer and writer Christina Milian. “Music is a universal language that connects families across all cultures, including my own, and it’s our goal to inspire more families to embrace their togetherness with the FUN program.”

California residents will also be entered to win a live recording session of their own family song by Christina Milian when they make their family song and will receive coupons that increase in value as they share it on social media.

Williams explains the driving force of the program: "Kimberly-Clark developed the Celebrate Family UNity program as a platform to motivate and inspire families to come closer together and give them fun ways to drive family pride and celebrate their unity. A big part of the program is inspiring families to create their own custom Family UNity (or “FUN”) songs together! Christina Milian teamed up with Kimberly-Clark, because as a mother and a Grammy-nominated singer, she knows the importance of family bonds and the power of music."

Share your song with us and you can win a Kimberly-Clark prize pack! To be eligible to win, simply share your song here under the "1,000 families create a fun song post". The winner will be chosen at random and will receive their prize by mail.