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09' Top Hit Albums


A dramatic classical sound would be an appropriate entrance to introduce few of the hottest albums released during 2009. Hardly no ones knows that the dark forces were born in classical times, but today with a New Year around the corner, it is time to take another look to the popular tracks that have won a spot on the number one charts, the bands behind  them, and some after their revival.

U2- No line in the Horizon: This album was a hit, as well as their 360 Tour Concert this past October, in Tampa FL.

Drowning Pool Loudest Common Denominator Includes two acoustic Demos

Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe Very colorful cover

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown: This album brings three different acts: Heroes and Cons, Charlatans and Saints, Horseshoes and Handgrenades. Which one is the favorite act?

Coldplay - Left, Right, Left, Right, Left The cover seems like the picture used by the psychiatrists

Judas Priest- A Touch Of Evil Live: Yes! They are still rocking, bringing a little bit of the old, a little bit of the not so old.

Daughtry - Leave This Town: Who would've thought this American Idol would had so much success with his second Album released.

Sick Puppies- Tri-Polar: This Band was part of the Buzz Bake Concert
Modest Mouse - No one's First and You are Next: Featuring "the Whale Song"
Third Eye Blind- Ursa Major: The comeback after six years.
Collective Soul- Rabbit: Includes a gentle Bonus Track.
Chevelle - Sci-Fi Crimes: They are hitting the road starting February 2010.
Megadeth- Endgame: Fort Lauderdale concert was Hot, Hot, Hot!.
Alice In Chains- Black Gives Way to Blue: The Comeback after 14 years.

Pearl Jam- BackSpacer Album's short film

Muse - The Resistance: This band has Top the Billboard Charts obtaining popularity by being featured on the New Moon Soundtrack.

Three Days Grace- Life Starts Now: It features the song "Break" which one of the most requested songs on 93.1 South Florida's Rock Station

Paramore- Brand New Eyes: Most of the Lyrics were written by singer Hayley Williams and lead guitarist Josh Farro.

Breaking Benjamin- Dear Agony: Another band making it to # 1 on The Billboard charts

Kiss- Sonic Boom: They have made several headlines this year.  This band definitely knows how to leave a trademark in history, from a KISS Lunch Box to declaring August 24 as KISS Rock ‘n Roll day in the state of South Dakota.. Read More

Ramnstein- Liebe ist für alle da : It means Love is For Everyone, Amor Es para Todos, L'amour est pour tout le monde. They have done it again, it seems that in Germany their lyrics are considered harmful for anyone under the age of 18. It is an official Act, as it has been one of the most controversial albums of the year. 

Michael Jackson- This is It  Based on his last Movie.

Creed- Full Circle: Another come back this year. Singer Scott Stapp  has a whole new look

Slayer- World Painted Blood: After rocking the Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach with Marilyn Manson and Bullet for My Valentine, fans agreed in the statement of Classic Slayer, they still got it.

Flyleaf- Memento Mori: The title means Remember you will die

30 Seconds to Mars - This is War

A Warning to people, Good and Evil
This Is War
To the Soldier, The Civilian, The Martyr, The Victim
This is War

Whether it's downloading from I-tunes or going to the record store, these albums are a great addition to anyone's music collections. Maybe Santa will leave a little gift under the tree, but only for those boys and girls that behaved good this year. Some of these artists have come to South Florida, others we wish they would. There is a whole New Year around the corner and who knows what the Rock Stars will have in store for us.