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07/29/10 Randoms

1) We are all creative beings, making decisions on how we choose to perceive the world. The best thing in life for us to learn is what we are responsible for, where our stuff starts and stops and where someone’s begins; this way we are aware of what we actually have control over and we are not imposing our will on what another may need to be at that time. Namaste.

2) Mastery occurs the moment the student stops seeking spiritual growth and just is.

3) A man that will only give denies someone else the blessing of giving; he also denies himself the gift of receiving.

4) I can no longer see separation. Though, my mind still struggles with Oneness. Since God is everything or nothing at all, then God must be everything (or nothing). Is Buddha Buddha or is Buddha the cat? Is the cat Buddha? Buddha is Buddha. The cat is the cat. There is only Buddha. There is only the Cat.

5) “To kill the Buddha,” means not to hide behind God or use God to promote oneself. Simply let the example of God be evident through and in your actions and state of being; this will say enough.

6) “Who am I?”
     “I don’t know.”
     “What am I?”
     “I haven’t a clue.”
     “Where am I?”
     “I’m not really sure.”

7) I have been looking for what isn’t lost. I have been searching for something and that something has found me. My whole life I have spent craving God, thirsting for God’s Love. (Silly). I had it; I was in God’s Love all along. When I finally realized that there is nothing to do, I wouldn’t accept it. Then, when I did accept, God asked me if I Loved Her; I said yes. God then asked me if I could do Her a very big favor and Love a very dear friend of Hers: Then She introduced me to Daniel and thanked me with a smile.


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